Connect To Eduroam (Window OS)

Connect To Eduroam (Window OS)

Connect To Eduroam (Window OS)

Eduroam is a secure network connection for everyone who has an active StarID and password. A StarID and password is required to connect to Eduroam.
1. In the bottom right corner of your computer screen, click on the internet icon. The icon would look like one of the 2 icons below.

2. Click on Eduroam.

3. Click on "connect".

4. The following information is:
Password: Your StarID Password

5. Click on "ok" after inputting the information.

6. Click on "Connect"

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the Wi-Fi. If you are not able to connect, most likely your password is not synced properly. Please follow the instruction on the How do I reset my StarID password?‚Äč article to resync your password.

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