Creating a Discussion Forum and Topic in D2L

Creating a Discussion Forum and Topic in D2L

Creating a Discussion Forum in D2L

You can use forums to organize your discussion topics in categories. In addition, your course can have multiple forums.
1. To create a new forum, click on "Discussions" from the communications dropdown menu, as shown below:

2. Next, click "New Forum" from the New dropdown menu.

3. You can type a title name for your forum in the "Title" field

4. Options are given such as "users must start a threat before they can read and reply the other threads in each topic" along with several others.

By default, the forum is always visible. Within the Restrictions tab, you can set the availability of the forum by changing the Start Date and End Date.

5. Once finished with this page, you can click on "Save and Add Topic" at the bottom of the page

6. Now, type a title name for your topic in the "Title" field.

7. Next, type in the discussion post you wish for students to respond to within the HTML editor located under Description.

Please note the options you can include with your discussion topic.

8. Click on "Save"

By default, the Topic is always visible. Within the Restrictions tab, you can set the availability of the forum by changing the Start Date and End Date.

9. Next, click on the "Assessment tab".

10. Click on "New Grade Item"

11. Type in your grade item name in the "Name" field

12. Next, type a short name in the "Short Name" field to display in the gradebook to save

13. Select the category using the dropdown menu if you have categories previously set up in your gradebook.

14. Type in point value under the "Maximum Points" field.

15. Click on "Save".

16. Type in point value under "Score Out Of" field.

Note that there are other options available as well.
You can click on D2L Brightspace Support to search knowledge articles for D2L Brightspace tools, features, and third-party integrations. (
Congratulations! You’ve just created your first Discussion forum and topic in D2L Brightspace!

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