Forgetting Known Network (Windows OS)

Forgetting Known Network (Windows OS)

Forgetting Known Network (Windows OS)

Before proceeding with this document, please make sure that you are using a windows operating system. The scope of this article is to guide you through the process of removing any known network you were connected to before to clear out the saved credentials.
1. Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom left of the screen.

2. search for the keyword "network status".

3. Once you found the matching option, click on the option.

4. Click on "Wi-Fi" on the left hand side.

5. Click on "Manage known networks".

6. A list of network which you connected to before will appear.

7. Select the network that you want remove off the known network.

8. Once you have selected the network that you want to forget, select "Forget".

Congratulation! You have successfully remove a known network off your Windows OS device. The name of the network should not appear no more.

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