How do I Create Quick and Easy D2L Announcement Videos using Kaltura MediaSpace

How do I Create Quick and Easy D2L Announcement Videos using Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace allows you to record videos that can be imported into D2L Brightspace or you can record directly into Kaltura Capture.  


Similar to YouTube, it is your one-stop shop to host and record webcam videos. Videos can be embedded into D2L with just a couple of clicks, and there is a built-in auto-captioning feature.

When should I make video announcements?

My favorite way to use a video announcement is to record a welcome to the module as an overview and post it to the Announcements. If I want to show the class something, I will record on my Smartphone and upload directly to Kaltura MediaSpace to embed into D2L Brightspace.  Otherwise, I use my computer and record using Express Capture. ‚Äč

Where do I record the video?

  1. Record a video using your Smartphone video camera and login to Kaltura MediaSpace to upload an .MP4 or .MOV file by selecting Media Upload. 
  2. Record a video using your Smartphone or computer logged into Kaltura MediaSpace and choose Express Capture for a direct recording.  
  3. Insert the My Media video into the D2L Brightspace Announcement. 

Tips for Recording: 

  1. Keep the time to under 3 minutes. 
  2. Lighting and composition are important, as well as the sound. 

Lighting and Composition

To illuminate your face, I suggest using a lamp that is in front of or slightly off to the side of your face. One idea is to place the light behind the camera or computer screen. This will ensure the light is on your face and that it is not behind you, otherwise, you will be a silhouette.   
A side by side example of front versus back lighting

For the composition, place your head near the top of the frame. I like to think of it like a news anchor: head at the top, include the shoulders and torso so you squarely fill the frame.  


For the best sound, you will need to be fairly close to the camera, between 2 and 5 feet. If you are outdoors, the wind can overpower your voice. Also, the closer you are to the camera, the better the sound quality. I find that if I speak clearly and pause between topics or ideas, the transcript will be more accurate. Also, this will give you an opportunity to edit if necessary. 

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