How do I Edit Captions in MediaSpace?

How do I Edit Captions in MediaSpace?

Any videos you share with students or staff must be properly captions. Kaltura MediaSpace will automatically generate captions for your video, but you still need to edit them to be correct. This is easy, just follow the following steps:
  1. Click on your name in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose “My Media"

  1. Click on your video.
  1. On the far-right side, click the “Actions” drop-down menu, choose “Edit,” and click on the “Captions” tab.

  1. Click “Edit Captions” on the right hand side

  1. The ‘Closed Captions Editor’ will appear. Each paragraph of the transcript is available for you to edit- just click where you want to make changes.

  1. Make sure you click the “Save” button at the top of the screen. 

Need additional help?

  1. For step-by-step instructions on captioning videos in MediaSpace, download this instruction sheet or read the full FAQ document.
  2. If you have questions about captioning, uploading a video from YouTube, or uploading pre-recorded videos, please book a meeting with Amelia Carlson, Accessibility Specialist (
  3. If you need assistance with captioning a video, please submit a captioning request form under Service Requests. 

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