How do I Host Large Meetings on Zoom?

How do I Host Large Meetings on Zoom?

What sort of invite should I send out?

Create an agenda with links to each meeting and

  • Embed the passcode in your link by copy/pasting the “Auto generated link”. This link allows one-click joining of the meeting without having to enter the passcode.
  • Also provide the Meeting ID # and passcode in case your users are joining via the app.
  • List the zoom telephone number for those who need to call in.
  • How to get live help joining a session (ex. someone in your office or IT at 651.846.1440).

How to I make sure my sessions are accessible?

Be sure to check beforehand if participants will need an accommodation such as live ASL interpreting.

  • Contact the ADR office for more information or to schedule an interpreter.
  • Please see the Zoom Accessibility Guide for more tips.

How do people share screens?

When you start the meeting you can manually allow people to share their screens under the Security button, however for large meetings it may be better to make a presenter a co-host. Click on the Participants button and find the attendee. Click on the More button and select “Make co-host”.

If I have more than one session going on, do I use breakout rooms or separate meetings?

We recommend using separate meetings if the individual sessions are longer than 15 minutes or will involve groups over 8 people.

Do we need to create unique meeting rooms for each one, or can hosts use their standard meeting room?

For one-off meetings, especially ones sent out to a wider audience, please use unique meeting room IDs.

Should the organizer or the individual hosts create the sessions?

It’s up to you. If the organizer creates each sub-session, make sure they list the host as ‘Alternative Host’.

Do I need to send Outlook invites?

It’s up to you! If you want to, download the .ics invitation file from each meeting once they’re set up. It should open in your Outlook and then you can send it on to participants. Please also send them the master agenda.

Should I require users to authenticate (log into Zoom) to join?

Doing so increases meeting security but increases the likelihood of late joiners/tech issues. If you do, make sure you have tech support on hand when sessions are set to begin. List how to get help in your agenda.

Should I use the webinar format or a regular meeting?

We recommend the regular meeting unless it is very large (50+). You can still use your settings to control muting/unmuting, camera, chatting, and sharing permissions to increase security. 

Can I conduct polls?

Zoom polls must be created in the account hosting the specific meeting, so each host should create their Zoom Poll in advance. While you can create a poll during a meeting, it might take more time than you expect. Only the host can create the poll, but you can switch someone to co-host during a meeting to launch the poll if it already exists.

How do I record?

  • When you create the you can select “Automatically record to the cloud” or locally (your pc)
  • If you record to the cloud, Zoom will delete your recording after 365 days. Kaltura MediaSpace will store them indefinitely.
  • Make sure to caption your videos if you end up sharing them out afterwards.
  • If your video will be public and has students in it you will need to obtain permission from them.
Do you have any more advice?
  • Assign a co-host/moderator for each session to allow the presenter to focus on their duties. The moderator can monitor the chat, mute/unmute participants, and introduce the speaker.
  • Leave time at the end of each session to go over the agenda and where people should go next.

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