How do I use the D2L Course Template?

How do I use the D2L Course Template?

AEI, in collaboration with IT and our faculty tech coaches, have created a D2L Brightspace instructional template you can import into a course and fill in with your own content and assignments. This optional template is based on Quality Matters standards and is not intended to standardize your course, just provide advice and guidance on common topics in online learning.


You’ll still need to edit each individual page with your instructions, readings, lectures, announcements and other content, but we hope to save you time by having the modules laid out for you. If you import this into a course with pre-existing content it will not overwrite any of it; you can insert those existing activities into these modules.

  1. Click download and sign into OneDrive with your log in.
  2. Click Download on the top menu bar once again to save the zip file to your computer. Do not click on any of the xml files which are listed individually.
    Menu options that state share, copy link, download, delete, copy to, and version history. Download is circled in red
  3. Open up your course or a demo shell in D2L Brightspace
  4. Follow the import instructions from "How do I import a course?"
  5. Note! The template content will co-exist alongside any existing content. If you wish to start fresh conduct a course reset first
  6. Edit each page, discussion, quiz etc. in the modules with your own content. Open each course page (ex. Readings 1), click Edit HTML and edit the text and add pictures, links, or captioned videos. If you are pasting from Word or somewhere else, right click and choose 'Paste as plain text" to keep the template's formatting consistent.
  7. Add additional content pages as needed. Don’t let the template limit you!
  8. Don’t forget to edit the welcome announcement on the course landing page
  9. There are no graded assessments in this template, just blank practice quizzes and blank ungraded assignments. Please edit them with instructions, due dates, and grades, or add your own assessments as you see fit.
  10. Everything in the course is currently marked as visible. If you don’t need something either delete it or click the 'eye' icon to hide it from students. Likewise, be sure to delete our instructions from pages you keep.

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More Information

For more information visit the D2L Course Template page or contact