How much do my textbooks cost?

How much do my textbooks cost?

The best way to check prices for textbooks is on our website, 

Click on “order textbooks,” select your course(s) from the menu, then click on “get course materials.” The textbooks for your courses will displayed, along with prices for used books and new books.

Please note: while both used and new prices may be listed, this does not guarantee the availability of textbooks in these conditions. Prices are subject to change. Your order total will change if substitutions are made.

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    • How do I find my textbooks?

      You will need your course schedule in order to accurately find your textbooks. Open your class schedule in eServices and click on “Review My Plan.” Your courses will be listed with a four letter subject/department code, a four digit course number, ...
    • How do I charge my textbooks to financial aid?

      Once your financial aid has been successfully processed and certified, textbooks can be purchased using financial aid funds on the Campus Store’s website. Financial aid charging is only available for a specific period of time at the start of each ...
    • Why are textbooks only available online now?

      By using a shared service format for textbook sales, we can continue to attack textbook affordability issues, while maintain a sustainable Bookstore.
    • How do students order their textbooks online?

      Students can order on the Virtual Bookstore website,
    • Will students have to pay for shipping their textbooks?

      Free shipping to your home is offered each semester through the Friday before the start of the term.