How to use Microsoft "Bookings with me"

How to use Microsoft "Bookings with me"

The Bookings app has added a streamlined version of Bookings: Bookings with me, which is simpler to set up and easier to navigate than Bookings. Bookings with me is a great way for students to make an office hours appointment with you.

To set up your Bookings with me page with your schedule:
  1. Go to:
  2. If you don’t see the Bookings app, click on All apps.
  3. Click on Bookings.
  4. Under the Personal booking page banner, select Go to booking page.a screenshot of the bookings landing page with the Go to Booking Page button highlighted
    1. On this page, you can create different meeting types (a general office hours meeting, an office hours meeting for each class, project consultations, etc.).a screenshot of the My Booking Page landing page
  5. Click the + icon to create a public meeting:
  6. Now complete the information for the meeting type. 
    1. Ignore Category unless you use color-coded categories for your Outlook calendar. 
    2. For the location, turn off Teams meeting if not a Teams meeting. If a Zoom meeting, include the Zoom link. If in person, include the room number.
    3. Then, choose the duration.
    4. a screenshot of the add new bookings page with fields like title, description, location, time and public or private
  7. Click Schedule customization to further tailor the meeting.
    1. It is easiest to select Use custom availability hours.
    2. Check Only during the following date range to limit the time frame. Otherwise, leave unchecked.
    3. Next to each day, select X for no available hours on that day.
    4. To add more available windows on the same day, click + next to the day.

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