Insert Stuff & Films on Demand Videos

Insert Stuff & Films on Demand Videos

Saint Paul College has added the Films on Demand integration to Brightspace, where instructors are able to do a search in Films on Demand and then insert the video within their course(s) simply by using the Insert Stuff option inside an HTML editor of their course.  

The example below shows a topic being created under a desired module for a Films on Demand video to be inserted.


  1. To create a new Topic, click on Content from the Materials dropdown menu, as shown below:

  2. Next, click Create a File from the Upload/Create dropdown menu from the Module into which you would like to place your video.

  3. Type the name of your new file in the Enter a Title field.

  4. Click on the Insert Stuff icon within the HTML editor.

  5. You can now click on the Films on Demand link located in the left navigation pane.

  6. Type search criteria in the Enter a keyword or phrase field to locate a video.

  7. Now click on the Magnifier icon to search for your video.

  8. After you have found your video, go ahead and click on Embed Large using the Embed dropdown menu to start embedding your video inside your course.

  9. Click on Insert.

  10. Click on Save and Close.

  11. Click on the Play icon to ensure your video clip plays properly.

You can click on D2L Brightspace Support to search knowledge articles for D2L Brightspace tools, features, and third-party integrations. (

 Congratulations! You’ve just inserted your first Films on Demand video in D2L Brightspace!