ISRS/Brightspace Integration Change

ISRS/Brightspace Integration Change

On March 24, 2022, the integration between ISRS and D2L Brightspace will change. A planned future upgrade to Brightspace will render the current ISRS integration inoperable, so  the change needs to happen before that takes place. As a result, the Minnesota State system office is re-building the integration between ISRS and D2L Brightspace.  Re-building this integration not only brings Minnesota State up-to-date with D2L’s products, it also helps make preparatory changes for the implementation of ISRS NextGen (Workday).

Following the changeover to the new integration:
  1. New courses/enrollments will arrive in Brightspace within 15 minutes. Previously, updates were processed three times a day.
  2. Updates in Brightspace will only occur after a change in ISRS, rather than being updated every night.
  3. ISRS data will be sent regardless of semester. No more waiting for future semester courses to appear!
  4. Teachers will not be able to set a course as active (visible) or inactive (hidden) and will no longer see ‘inactive’ courses.  Previously, this was used to hide a course from students.  Going forward, a student will always see an active course, but can access it only when the current date is between the start and end date.
  5. Cancelled courses will automatically be removed from Brightspace.
If you have questions about this, or need assistance with your Brightspace courses, please contact the IT Help Desk,, 651.846.1440, or submit a ticket.

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