Drawing Tools

Microsoft Word Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools allows you to add drawings to Word, Excel documents & PowerPoint presentations. 

By default, the Draw tab is not enabled in Word.  There are two ways to get into the Ribbon settings. 
1. (First option).  Right click anywhere on the Ribbon and click Customize Ribbon.  Alternatively, You can click File.. then click Options. 

1A.  In the Customize the Ribbon column (right side) check the Draw checkbox and click Ok.  The Drawing Tools toolbar tab will be available. 

2.  (2nd option)
Click File in the top left corner.  then click Options. Options is located at the bottom.

2A.  Click Customize Ribbon (left side) then click the Draw Check box and click Ok.

Drawing Tools features:
                                                                  3.  Drawing Tools offer two different types of  pens,  one highlighter and an eraser.

                                                                    Click the down arrow to access Pen colors, thickness.  Click the Pen to write text or draw. 

                                                              Lasso - You can select ink and convert to a shape.
                                          Ink to Math - This feature allows you to write math equations.  Click Ink to Shape.  Write a math equation in the Math Input Control box and click Insert.

                                        Drawing Canvas -  allows you to add a drawing canvas to draw on.


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