Quiz Questions using Kaltura MediaSpace

Quiz Questions using Kaltura MediaSpace

Would you like to ensure that students view the materials and lecture? Do you want to actively engage them with the content? With quiz questions, you can do just that! 

Kaltura MediaSpace allows you to record lectures that are imported into D2L Brightspace. You can add quiz questions that are automatically graded and imported into the D2L gradebook.

My favorite way to use quiz questions is for students to “Review Your Understanding” of the lectures and demonstrations. I announce to students that it is easy to take and it will help them focus on important concepts, as well as prepare for the exam. 

Building the Quiz

It is easy to set up. The quiz questions can be added with just a couple of clicks. First you record the lecture or upload existing media, like a video demonstration from your smart phone, or use Kaltura Capture to record a PowerPoint or screen presentation. Kaltura walks you through the process of building the quiz.

You can ADD a Quiz easily to any media! When you select a video, Kaltura makes a copy so the original stays intact. Using the editor, you add a question using the buttonAdd a Question button  and it is placed into the timeline. There are Multiple Choice, True/False questions, which are automatically graded, or you could add a Reflection Point or Open-Ended Question that you can access, and it does not count toward the grade.
The quiz creation area with the four options

What the student sees

From the student point of view, Media Space automatically generates the welcome, as well as the question layout! The video pauses for the response, which you can skip and go back.  

The quiz welcome screenA sample quiz questionThe submitted screen

How about grading it?

The grading it totally built-in to Kaltura MediaSpace. It adds it to the gradebook, including the score.

A sample quiz showing up in the instructor gradebook

Need more help?

We have resources to get you started or set up a 1-on-1 meeting with a Faculty Tech Coach today!

Here is a list of resources:

Getting Started with Kaltura Editor from Minnesota State  

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