Temporary switcher by-pass for classroom projectors

Temporary switcher by-pass for classroom projectors

If an AV switcher fails in a classroom instructor station, as a short-term work around, the switcher will be temporarily by-passed, with the signal to the classroom projector routed through the document camera. Instructors using the classroom will be notified, so that they can continue to teach in the room. Below are the operating instructions for the modified rooms.
  1. Use the provided Sony remote control to turn on the projector using the green power button.

  2. Turn on the Elmo DocCam by pressing and holding the power button until the light turns blue.

  3. Press the laptop icon button to route the computer to the projector for display.

  4. Press the DocCam icon button to route the DocCam to the projector for display.

  5. When you are finished in the room, remember to power down the equipment:
    1. Press and hold the power button on the DocCam until it turns orange.

    2. Use the Sony remote control to turn off the projector.

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