Why is the textbook ordering period open for a certain amount of time?

Why is the textbook ordering period open for a certain amount of time?

All textbook titles are not available throughout the whole year. Each semester, textbooks are ordered for courses that are offered during the current semester. The textbook overstock from each semester needs to be returned before the upcoming semester’s ordering period. Also, students with Financial Aid must have an account created with the Virtual Bookstore before the ordering period. These accounts are available until a week before the semester disbursement date & need to be purged before the start of a new ordering period.
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    • Why are textbooks only available online now?

      By using a shared service format for textbook sales, we can continue to attack textbook affordability issues, while maintain a sustainable Bookstore.
    • How do students return textbook orders?

      All textbooks will have to be shipped back to the Minnesota Textbook Center. Returns cannot be processed in the Saint Paul College Campus Store. The student will be responsible for shipping costs on returns. Ship returns to: Minnesota Textbook Center ...
    • Why was my online textbook order cancelled?

      Some common reasons for cancellation are: The payment method entered was declined Financial aid funds were not available during the charging period You requested the cancellation If you are still unsure of why your order may have been cancelled or ...
    • Where can students go on campus for help ordering textbooks?

      The link below provides you information on the Saint Paul College Campus Store. http://www.saintpaulcollegebookstore.com/SiteText.aspx?id=28592 Here are the different ways you can reach the bookstore: Option 1:       You can call the Saint Paul ...
    • How long until a textbook order is ready for pick up?

      Textbook orders are generally ready to be shipped or picked up within 3-5 business days. Shipping within the metro area is typically one business day via UPS.